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The internet never forgets and in certain instances, it shouldn’t. The latest display of this comes at the hands (or thumbs) of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick couldn’t delete his instagram pic fast enough after he had a slight lapse in judgment, but it didn’t matter…you know someone was taking a screen shot of his work.

That picture is in reference to the deadly storm and flooding that bombarded the city of Houston. It wasn’t just a little rain either, try 11 inches worth that has killed at least 23 people so far.

No worries people, Kaepernick sent out some prayers after his brain dead post.

Cool story Kaep. Nothing like taking shots at a city that has just been struck with a natural disaster. If Kaepernick wants to take shots at anyone, maybe he should look in the mirror. After replacing Alex Smith as the starter in San Francisco, Kaepernick couldn’t ride the coattails of a dominant running game and top ranked defense to win at least one Super Bowl. Sure, Kaepernick is a young talent in the NFL, but his window might close rather quickly. Kaepernick’s 49ers were down 28-6 early in the second half of Super Bowl XLVII before a furious rally fell short after he threw a bad pass to Michael Crabtree. In 2013 with the 49ers on the verge beating the top ranked Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game, Kaepernick threw a backbreaking interception to seal his teams fate. Last season was another fall down the ladder as Kaepernick had his worst statistical season as he threw 19 touchdown passes and 10 intercepts while the 49ers finished the season with a mediocre 8-8 campaign. With Jim Harbaugh being run out of town as San Francisco’s head coach, we expect to see less tweeting or instagram posts and more poor play for #7 in San Francisco. Kaepernick is right though, a storm is coming, but it’s going to hit 49ers fans during the 2015 season.