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Our friends at Modern Whiz not only bring the dopest and finest graphics to the Top 10 arena but they have the realest Ten list -- Always!

This time, the guys dove into the NBA world of the Ten best shit talkers of all time. Who's on your list for the ten best??

Check it out here and Enjoy!

Ball Don't ... read more

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I just don't get excited anymore. The Super Bowl coming up seems a bit boring to me this year... Ok, Pats again, versus who? Can you remember who even played last year in the Super Bowl? Yup, exactly my point.

But something just tickled my fancy this was this awesome stylistic video that the talented people over at Ocea... read more

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Don't you dare try to steal from the guys with the Hawaiian shirts at the Hollywood Trader Joe's.

One idiot learned the hard way when 4 T.J. employees rushed in and tackled an alleged thief from stealing from the store.

20 minutes after the heroic tackle by the TJ team, LMNO LA ran into King Bach and Anwar Jibawi and a... read more

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No this wasn't a back handed compliment. She was just trying to say... well, watch the video and form your own opinion.

Victoria Secret Angel Taylor Hill was leaving 'Catch' in West Hollywood with friends when we asked how good of a runway model IS Kendall Jenner? There are many people on this planet who believe the Kardashi... read more

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Nom Nom Nom Mmmm... WARNING! Do Not Watch This Video If you are no where near a Burger City Grill.

Your mouth will water and You will be very very hungry for a BCG burger and you'll be hating it.

But if you are in a 50 mile radius of a Burger City Grill (first off - luck you!) -- Enjoy the Vid!

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If you happen to drive by any sign that reads 'Rock'N Juice' it is your duty to your mind, body, and health to stop and order the whole 'left side' of the menu!

Ok, maybe that's a bit much. But seriously -- order at least a couple items from their vast array of awesome-ness.

Rock'N Juice, not only ha... read more

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If your a Hot bitch (not my words) then you have a great chance of getting hollered at (I know, the title contradicts this) by Slim Jimmy -- One half of the Rap Group Rae Sremmurd (Ear Drummers backwards)

Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy were kicking it with some fans in the middle of the Casino floor at MGM Grand.

No ID necessary.

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