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It's official: Band guys finish first.

It doesn't matter whether you're fat, bald, skinny, unshowered, or well-groomed. Historically, band guys pull more tail than Ryan Gosling doing yard work on a hot summer day. At your mom's house. Drinking an iced lemonade. Shirtless.

Being in a band is the yellow brick road to pussy, and according to Korn guitarist, Munky, his sex life has depended on it. Watch the video and you'll see him tell our camera guy just how critical being in a band is to getting laid. And coming from a guy who has been in bands since 1993, we'd call him an authority on the subject.

Korn fans will also freak the fuck out to hear that a small, intimate Los Angeles show is in the works, where you'll most likely hear some new tunes from the upcoming album.

Photo: Instagram