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We've dealt with a lot of celebrity breakups this year, but we're not sure what hurts the most: seeing your "OTP" (that"'s "'one true pair"') split up or seeing your fav get off the market for good.

No matter which way you take it, the latter is the case with heartthrob Dave Franco, who is now officially engaged to actress Alison Brie. The couple announced their engagement through their reps, which comes as no shock to fans. They've always been more on the private side about their relationship.

After three years of dating, the cat's finally out of the bag. Though it was never really a secret, the pair rarely appeared out in public together. Very touching, especially in an age of constant social media boasting and acts of PDA.

Alison has been seen out with a shiny new ring since the confirmation, leaving us excited for a hopefully more open-to-the-public relationship.

While there's no public set date for the wedding, we're excited to see all the cute pictures that come from it!


Writer: Loras Penn, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)