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It’s truly amazing when ones imagination comes to life. This is especially the case for Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet, two badass men that are literally living on the edge. Words won’t do this video justice, but just take the time to watch these high flyers scream over the desert sands of Dubai. The average speed of these Jetman are 200 mph, but on descent they are moving at a blistering pace of 300 mph. Rossy and Reffet come from completely different backgrounds. Rossy is a professional pilot that has a passion for flying any type of aircraft. Reffet on the other hand is a skydiver that appears to have no limit on where his leaps come from.

I certainly appreciate the fact that Rossy has brought Reffet on as his protégé. The two appear to have great chemistry in the skies and their skills certainly complement each other as they continue to push the limits.