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So remember that big biker gang beatdown of that Range Rover driver back in 2013?

The dude and his wife were cruising in their SUV on a New York highway one autumn day, when a motorcycle gang reportedly closed down the freeway so that the crew could pull some stuntin'. All the cars had to wait, but Alexian Lien and his wife Rosalyn Ng weren't feeling it, so they threw some crap at the biker gang, including some half-eaten fruit and a water bottle. BAD IDEA.

The biker gang retaliated by swarming around the Range Rover, breaking some windows and trying to pull the woman out of the vehicle.

Freaked, the SUV couple stepped on it, running over a couple of bikers (paralyzing one), and tried to evade the biker bunch. But we all know that a Range Rover is no match for a motorcycle, so the gang quickly caught up with them, and managed to pull Lien from the driver's side, pummel him to the ground, and generally deliver a vicious biker gang-level beatdown.

Today, lawyers released the intense beatdown video and all we can say is, "OUCH."

Remember folks: littering and violence aren't the answer.

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