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Ever thought about maybe using the New York subway, some underground aqueduct tunnels, a fleet of trucks and some pretty damn good drills to break into the Federal Reserve Bank? Well, think again, because it looks like the FBI initiated some security upgrades at the joint ever since Bruce Willis' action hit "Die Hard With A Vengeance" came out.

Apparently, the FBI got pretty interested with the movie's plot because an alarming amount of the storyline turned out be amazingly feasible, and featured accurate descriptions of the Bank's vaults and building layout. Screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh was questioned by the FBI and an investigation performed to get to the bottom of this, and it became clear that Hensleigh had just done his research and taken a tour of the facility's basement. Says the writer:

“When the script was being vetted by all the authorities in New York, obviously the New York Police Department had to read the script for a number of reasons. One day I got a call from the FBI. They were extremely concerned about how I knew so much about the Federal Reserve, and how the Federal Reserve’s vaults were really close to a subway spur, and logistically about the aqueduct tunnel, etc.”

The screenwriter actually thought he was going to be arrested, but in the end, the FBI used “Die Hard With A Vengeance” as an excuse to upgrade the Bank’s security. The FBI guy said, “You know it sounds crazy, but somebody could actually pull this off. We’re going to actually have a sit-down [meeting] and talk about how we can improve the facility so that it could never happen.”

So if you’re thinking about a big robbery, try Wall Street. Word is that they’re high on the hog after all those Big Bailouts.

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