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Not sure if his team of bodyguards actually rolls around with black curtain drapes everywhere Sumner Redstone goes, but yesterday for Redstone's 92nd birthday, his security team brought out four curtain drapes to block his entrance and exit even though there was no press. This is how serious they want to keep the media mogul concealed. The Viacom billionaire turned 92 years old yesterday and some are speculating that his health is weakening. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, a videographer was seen at Sumner Redstone's birthday bash at Vibrato Restaurant in Bel Air — yup, that video guy was LMNOLA. We have the exclusive video of Sumner who is rarely seen out in public. So why does the private security detail of Redstone go out of their way to hide the Viacom founder? Better yet, do they want to conceal his physical condition? It's no secret that Redstone's personal appearances have been rather limited as of late and it doesn't appear that things will change. As rumors swirl about Redstone's health, the best question to ask is directed towards his company. Who will take over the reigns of this global mass media company once Sumner steps down?