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You might want to start charging for your Starbucks selfies on Instagram. Starting on Tuesday, the nationwide coffee chain is raising its prices on packaged coffee and some drinks between 5 to 20 cents. Don't worry, your summer Instagram plans won't change because grande lattés and cold drinks like frappuccinos won't be effected by the increase – at least not this time around.

A couple cents isn't enough to break the bank, but if you have a serious Starbucks habit, as most of us do, those coins will certainly add up. Depending on where you live, brewed coffee will cost anywhere between 10 to 20 cents more. This is the first price hike of 2015 from the Seattle-based coffee chain, but the pastime before that was only one year ago. Food prices will stay the same, so you can still grab a bite on the go. But you better break out the piggy bank and start saving for all those warm lattés you love during red cup season.

Photo/Writer: Storm Asterella, @chaiandsass (Twitter), chaiandsass (Instagram)