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Orlanda Scandrick better not see this video, because if he does, he's gonna be pissssseddd!!! Scandrick's former girlfriend and Basketball Wives star, Draya Michele, was out and about at DBA in West Hollywood last night, and it certainly appears that she might be moving on and in the market for one of the hottest new NFL stars to hit the scene, Jameis Winston. We got video of Draya walking out of the club with Jameis, and in our exclusive video it's very obvious that she doesn't want people to think they are leaving together. However, sources inside DBA tell us that the two of them were face to face chatting it up all night. According to our sources, it definitely looked like Jameis was spittin' his game, and from the looks of things, Draya was not shying away from the number one pick.

The best part of the video is Draya's reaction when Jameis tries to open the car door for her. So IS Draya upgrading? 2015's Number pick 1 for 2008's Round 5 pick number 143? The truth is, the Quarterback always seems to get the girl. Watch the video and see for yourself…

  • Hitman

    Orlando is short. Short men just aren’t sexy. Also didn’t he cheat on draya like 3 times? She should definitely give this guy a shot and stop trying to play house with a guy who has wondering eyes…

    • LMNO L.A.

    • Hail Hopes

      Well lady money talks and tall dudes run a marathon.

  • Abnor Norman Albert

    Winston is trouble. Always been trouble. Always will be trouble.

  • Arron Frazier

    He is asking for trouble and she is looking for a pay check.

  • LMNO L.A.

    Aug 29th the cowboys play the tampa bay bucs. It could be interesting

  • Charlie Kelly

    I thought jamis had a girlfriend? in one of those draft specials he had a girl said they been together for a while. lmfao

  • Charlie Kelly

    i dont know why these sports dudes all chase after the same money grubbing chicks.

    • LMNO L.A.


      • Charlie Kelly

        theres a lot of booty out there, yet they all chase the same one? shit weird yo.

        • LMNO L.A.

          good point…maybe it’s a 1 up kinda thing

  • misty

    She is one nasty gold-diggin’ bird!! Winston you can do so much better then this chick who’s been passed around like a crudité plate by the NFL, NBA, & MLB!!

  • Gary Wellborn

    Jameis, Jameis, Jameis !!! You just don’t know what you are being set up for with the hang around and catch girls of LA. You are out of your league ( from an experience standpoint ) and these girls will chew you up and spit you out.
    I have a niece who is a veteran of the party scene and has herself captured the wallets of several NFL players. Being the lazy self centered true blue cleat chaser ( sneaker chaser ? ) she has provided me with the game plan these women use to score everything from jewelry to Jaguars.
    Dude you need to curb your game with these walking leaches. Don’t say you were not warned !
    Don’t throw away your future over a little tailback. ( I know, some really cheesy metaphors….LOL )

    You are Forrest Gump on his first trip to the big city. Head on back to Southern Comfort for you are nothing but a catch and release fish in the LA pond.