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And unlike in Back To The Future II, It DOES work on Water !!

Lexus has finally revealed their very working Hoverboard, called the "Slide" after much speculation over just a couple teaser videos.

Well now you've got the whole shebang, cause they've now released a whole slew of videos behind the project from start to finish, giving you a fascinating insight behind the design, the trials and error, the problem solving and overcoming it took to have before you a very real working hoverboard.

Now at this point, the hoverboard's use is limited to a specially designed park with permanent magnets and a thin pavement laid over it. This allows the magnets and semi-conductors and daggone liquid nitrogen (that's intense) in crystotatic chambers… wow they really went through all this just to fulfill your childhood dreams. Clearly their reasoning behind the 2015 release to coincide with the Back to the Future film You go Lexus.

I guess all the cars gave them the loot to R&D a Dream like this… which is what their entire "Amazing In Motion" group is about. I definitely recommend checking out all the videos Lexus gifted us with. It's amazing to see the birth, conception, and progression they journeyed through to achieve such a feat.

Bravo for the future of this new sport… as long as you don't eat magnetized super semi-conducted liquid nitrogen'd pavement

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