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Yes Eric, Koala's are magical creatures. So magical that the one Koala he met in a small Canadian village was smart enough for Eric to teach him his native tounge, English.

Last night, the 'Haven' actor and his wife were entering Mr. Chows when he told his amazing tale of meeting Alfred, The Koala. It wasn't fully explained by Eric for the parameters of how the two met. But somewhere in the remote jungles of this Canadian Village a true friendship was formed.

Forged by his love animals, Eric set out on a journey away from his family to raise these beautiful creatures. And one in particular became his true 'Daniel-San.' His name is Alfred.

But with all friendships there was a serious roadblock. Once, Eric taught the young animal to communicate. He soon found out that Alfred was a bit of a racist, a true hatred towards White Protestant Males.

You can see the emotional interview here…

Video: Greco, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)

Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)