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This would be the biggest 2nd chance opprotunity any human ever received if Reggie is right. Actually more like 5th or 6th chance for Johnny Football Manziel.

We all know, Johnny Football hasn't had a stellar 2016 so far. Dude has been getting dropped like a bad habit from every direction.

First Manziel was dropped by his NFL team Cleveland Browns back in March, then his agent Erik Burkhardt drops him as a client in April. Another honorable mention drop was Lebron James' marketing firm LRMR in January of this year (so, I guess Lebron would have been first). And today he's been indicted in a alleged assault by his former girlfriend Collen Crowley (who I'm guessing dropped him too – way back when).

But today we have light! We have hope for the once Heisman trophy winner! Because fellow Heisman Winner* Reggie Bush thinks Manziel still has a shot at the NFL. And yes, his opinion counts! Sorta kinda…

Keep Hope Alive!!!

*Reggie Bush's 2005 Heisman Trophy Vacated

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