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It's. About. To Go. Down.

Chris Massey was seen today at LAX when LMNOLA asked him about the SIX felony assault charges filed against Lil Twist this week…and you gotta hear what Chris has to say about Lil Twist.

So here's the back story: Last September, the Young Money rapper/Justin Bieber's BFF was hanging with a few friends at actor Kyle Massey’s apartment. As youngsters are ought to do, an argument ensued, resulting in the swift ejection of Lil Twist. Humiliated and thwarted, Mr. Twist and four of his dutiful homies returned later that night and broke into the apartment. The marauding crew then beat up Kyle’s brother, Chris Massey, using especially-illegal brass knuckles. Finally, to add insult to injury, they stole his wallet and cell phone before departing.

Now Lil Twizzle is looking at 25 YEARS in prison.

Add another insult to injury: when Christopher's cell phone rang in Lil Twist's pocket, he had already changed the ring tone to "Boyfriend" by Justin. (Ok, that part we made up.)

Video/Writer: thebo$$, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)