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Model Chantel Jeffries was reunited with her former… none other than the Biebs himself.

Yes, Justin Bieber was spotted on the sandy beaches of Malibu with his Ex-Girl, you know the chick who was in his car when he was pulled over in his Lamborghini and arrested for DUI in Miami.

Well Chantel is now living in Los Angeles, you might have seen she was one of the guests at Christina Milian's Block Party that covered. She's also signed to Wilhelmina Models getting her work and beauty around the industry rounds.

So she's handling her modeling duties in the Bu, shooting for San Lorenzo Swimwear, when the Biebs shows up and snatches Photographer Darren Versoza's camera. Clearly Biebs got carried away as you can hear Versoza asking for his camera back on more than one instance… while biebs just kept shooting away.

Hey Justin… at least we now know if that whole Pop Superstar thing comes to a screeching halt for you, you can still find passion as a Paparazzi

Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)