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Don't get Abigail Breslin pissed off y'all. Cuz she's 'all in' on anyone talking shit about her homegirl Selena and her bikini body.

So apparently last week, Selena was in her pink bikini and some internet trolls were doing what Internet trolls do. Talk shit.

And Breslin wasn't feeling that. So she got on her blog and went to work. Here's her blog called Mixtapes and Winter Coats:

All this stuff about Selena Gomez online in her bathing suit is RIDICULOUS. Everyone is always saying how we shouldn’t judge each other, so why are you commenting on a gorgeous, talented and smart young girls body when she’s on the beach having fun with her friends AND SHE LOOKS AMAZING. Aren’t there more important things the world can be reporting on??

How are young girls supposed to grow up normally and not feel bad about themselves and not develop eating disorders if it’s literally national headline news that a THIN girl may or may not have put on a few pounds, and YET still remains THIN?

I think if we all took the time we spend making each other feel bad about ourselves and used it to make each other feel good, the world would be a better place. Oh and also if we taught girls they had more newsworthy qualities than how they fit into a bikini, we’d have a lot more happy girls.

Selena, you look amazing and more importantly look like you’re having fun. Keep rocking those bikinis.

Ok rant over.

(I need a writer for LMNO-LA. Can she help?)

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