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It’s the same sad story every year for several NFL teams. Whether it’s a big name, prized free agent acquisition, or stud draft pick, someone gets tagged with the injury bug before the season gets started. Fresh off the 2015 NFL Draft in Chicago, we might have our first major casualty. According to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dante Fowler Jr. was carted off the field Friday morning after sustaining a knee injury. Fowler was a first round selection (#3 overall) taken by the Jags after playing three seasons for the Florida Gators. If the injury is severe, this will be a brutal gut shot for Jacksonville to recover from. In a league that has been so pass happy, finding capable pass rushers is an absolute must. Fowler was one of the most highly praised players in the entire draft, but from the way this report looks he could be making an extended stay on the IR for entire 2015 campaign.

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