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If you are a sports geek then this is definitely news to you. Bill Simmons and ESPN are parting ways after 15 years. NY Times broke the story today after ESPN president John Skipper said, “I’ve decided that I’m not going to renew his contract.” Simmons could be labeled as the sort of dark knight sports fans need. His willingness to take shots at people on his own network (like Mike and Mike) is commendable, but now he’ll have to do it on another platform. It’s fitting that Simmons last days at ESPN (ending in the fall) could be spent by jumping on other networks and going scorched earth on Roger Goodell.

So where does that leave Simmons now? If I were a betting man, I’d put some coin landing over at FOX. Unlike ESPN, FOX isn’t afraid to walk on the wild side of things and they certainly don’t put the handcuffs on their employees for engaging in a little crossfire (see: Nolan, Katie). Of course when it comes to gambling, it’s always nice to have the Las Vegas books on your side.

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