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No question the United State of America needs some help getting out of its unworldly deficit, but daaaaaaaaaayum not like this.

Big thanks should be given to Seattle couple, Peter and Joan Petrasek. Both Peter and Joan have passed away, but they gave a big shout out to the red, white, and blue before they exited stage left. The couple gave a whopping $847,215.57 in a cashier’s check to the U.S. government as requested in their will. While Joan died in 1998 and Peter in 2012, nobody knows the exact reason as to why they mutually agreed to be so generous in their offerings.

According to ABC News, U.S. assistant attorney Peter Winn said, "this case is interesting because it seems to be that these were two immigrants who felt grateful to have this adoptive country open its arms to them after having a hard time in Eastern Europe during World War II."

Whatever the case may or may not be, this is a friendly reminder of how badass the people of this nation are as we celebrate Memorial Day.

Photo: Twitter