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Like Andre Agassi said back in the day, “image is everything.” This is especially true for athletes. Unlike the normal 9-5 employee that typically stays at his or her job for 30+ years, an athlete only has a small window in order to maximize their efforts in the professional arena. Take Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls as perfect example of this. Butler had an exceptional 2014-2015 campaign and he particularly flourished with Derrick Rose hobbled his way in and out of the lineup. A restricted free agent this summer, Butler is about to get himself paid handsomely by Chicago or another team that sends an offer sheet his way. While Butler is doing work on the court, his popularity is growing off of it. The Bulls forward is lined up with several endorsement deals, but the surprise deal is the one he didn’t make. According to his agent, Happy Walters, Bulter elected to take a 75% pay cut by sporting Nike’s Jordans as opposed to adidas. It’s an interesting play Butler made by betting on himself. Take less cash now and bank on your talent to take you to the next level. With his stock going up and short list of superstars in Chicago, this Bulls All-Star is making a charge.

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