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The star-studded Simpson and Ross family united and was all out in support of Evan Ross' performance last night at Sayers Club in Hollywood. Pregnant Ashlee dipped out the back of the alley not wanting to be seen. We get a quick video of her behind the passenger seat — Evan's mom, Diana Ross also left out the back covering her face with a magazine in a different car — The next tandem to exit was Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson, they elected to come out the front to the awaiting lenses of the paparazzi.

Eric seemed to be holding Jessica up and walking her to their car…Jess looked like she had a great time, and she took offense to the stank puddle of water that sits in front of the alley where her awaiting SUV was. Best part is when she gets into her ride and she makes her stank face and holds her nose.

FYI — yes, I was there also and it smelled like dead carcass ass

Photo: Instagram