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Holy shit this sounds amazing. A group of college kids from San Diego created the world's first "smart" earplugs called Hush. It basically works as a sound machine, noise-canceling earplugs, and syncs to your phone so that you don't miss your alarm. And if you have a tendency to lose shit, there's even a way to track your earphones down through the app.

Why has no one done this until now? One of the most common arguments against earplugs is, "I'm worried that I won't hear my alarm." The need is clearly there, evident in the company's wildly successful Kickstarter campaign back in November 2014. On a goal of $100,000, they raised $593,255, almost SIX times what they asked for.

Hush just started taking preorders a few days ago. The system retails for $150, with custom earplugs available for $20, and extra earbuds for $10. We can't wait t pick up these bad boys. Just think: Now you can wake up refreshed and start your day without screaming "STFU!" at your roommate, annoying neighbor, boyfriend/girlfriend, or spouse (lovingly of course).