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Last night on the exit at Craig's restaurant, Miss Collins tells LMNO LA exclusively that she doesn't care too much for David Letterman and his Late Night Show. In fact she gives props to other hosts and still won't give Letterman his dues.

Jackie was on fire last night and even manages to throw a jab at fellow Englishmen and Late Late show host James Corden.

You might remember the famous clip of Joan Collins (Jackie's sister) as a guest on Conan Obrien's show. When Dave Letterman barged on the set mid-interview and asked if Joan is pissed off at him. Needless to say it was TV magic and Conan attributes most of his early success to Dave Letterman appearing on his show.

And on Letterman's final show. Conan was classy enough to tell his viewing audience 'to go watch Dave'.

Editor and Chief notes: I (the pap) shot this clip of Jackie last night. Let me apologize. I thought Jackie was the one on the set with Conan and Dave in 1995. It was her sister Joan. He we all make mistakes sometimes.