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Lurking in the bushes while Jessica Alba shops for lingerie? Just another reason our camera guys love their job.

We spotted everyone's-dream-girl-since-middle-school shopping at Planet Blue in Beverly Hills. And why shouldn't she spend a little hard-earned cash? After all, she's the founder of The Honest Company, which just hit $1 billion, and is on the cover of this month's' Forbes magazine as the face of America's self-made women.

Alba's coming a long way from her days of Hollywood ass-kicking in Dark Angel and Sin City. Now she's all in on The Honest Company's mission to provide eco-friendly, non-toxic consumer products like baby wipes and dish soap. The new issue of Forbes details her journey from actress/model to entrepreneur to $200 million businesswoman.

She may not be chatty with the cameras when she's off the clock, but trust us when we say that none of the camera guys seemed to mind.

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Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)