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San Diego Comic-Con is all about the sneak previews, and the lucky audience in Ballroom 20 on Friday was no exception. Fox unveiled its new show, Minority Report to an eager audience. The show is part of the network's upcoming fall lineup.

The show stars Meagan Good and Wilmer Valderrama, with Meagan as a police detective and Wilmer as police lieutenant Will Blake. The show is set in the year 2065, 11 years after the events and the demise of the PreCrime Unit as set in the original film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg. The series explores the life of the Pre-Cog siblings after they're entering their supposed "retirement."

Producers screened the first 20 minutes of the show's pilot episode and gave the audience an idea of what to expect from the first season. While part of the film's original draw was its futuristic world of headline-changing newspapers, it will be interesting to see what this new Future World consists of since everybody's smartphone renders some of these visions of the future useless.

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