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This is just another tragic story for this Pride of Lions.

Cecil the Lion's brother Jericho, has just been killed by Poachers on Saturday, Hwange National Park Officials in Zimbabwe have reported.

After Cecil the Lion's highly publicized death, at the hands of American Dentist Walter Palmer, who paid a reported $55,000 to lure Cecil out of Hwange National Park, wounded him with a bow and arrow, then killed him after a 40 hour hunt. Walter left with Cecil's head and skins to be kept as a trophy of his hunt, which Palmer has reportedly returned to Zimbabwean officials.

It was then feared that Cecil's brother, Jericho would kill Cecil's 6 cubs in order to insert his own bloodline into the pride. But reports this week have showed that Jericho was in fact protecting his brother's cubs rather than what the world originally assumed would happen, which is normal tradition in Lion Prides.

So the news of Jericho being killed by Poachers on Saturday is even more tragic to hear… as there will now be nobody to properly protect Cecil's remaining offspring from being killed by the hands of whoever is next in line in the hierarchy

UPDATE: ** Reports have now come out claiming that Jericho is alive and well, has been tracked as moving on his GPS collar, and was last seen with a female. Let's hope this story actually has a happier ending, and let's also hope Humanity learns how to be more humane and end the senseless killing of animals and humans alike.

Here's to wishful thinking

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