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From The Rim Though.. To The Wall

Cal Mathison, a High School Football player from Nebraska decided to figure out his own way to the rim since his stature didn't allow him for such luxuries. So he decided to figure out his own way to the rim with a couple Parkour style kicks up the wall and around the corner, to prove that while they say White Men Can't Jump… they can still bend the rules a bit to make breakthroughs happen… Maybe Woody Harrelson needed a Cal Mathison type maneuver to go One-On-One with Wesley Snipes.

The viral Vine Video also included the hashtag #WhiteBoysCantJumpSoWeUseWalls

Probably the only drawback of this viral video is the fact that Cal got called out for his small fib on his MaxPreps , a High School Sports Website, which states Cal stands at 5' 7" only he later revealed himself to actually be 2 inches shorter.

How many rules are you gonna bend Cal ???

But hey, I guess If you can't Fly.. Improvise

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