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Natalie La Rose was in concert at Costa Mesa's Pacific Ampitheatre, and she killed it opening up for girl group, Fifth Harmony. "The tour with Fifth Harmony is so exciting because, in the first place, the girls are amazingly sweet and talented, so I'm very honored to be a part of such a great project!," she confessed.

But Natalie was quick to give a shout out to her fanbase, whom she's dubbed "Rozers," pointing out that she gets a lot of energy from them. "I also get to meet so many new fans. In every city we go to the audience is so appreciative and energetic," La Rose shared. "Even the people that might not have heard of me before are so lovely, which is an incredible feeling!"

Are you a Rozer? If you are, Natalie's got a message for you: "To all my dear fans: I can't wait to bring the energy on stage and rock it out with you!"

Check out her surprise dancers joining her on stage to her hit single, "Somebody".

Photo/Video/Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)