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It's a good year for making comebacks. Or maybe just recreating yourself. In just a few short months, Selena has turned her previous image of child actor/singer completely around. With her mature new singles "Come and Get it" and "Good for You", her long-time-but-now-ended fling with Justin Bieber, and just her overall look – she has certainly blossomed in front of everyone's eyes. She's back at it again, finally revealing her plans for a new album and where she drew inspiration.

"I was in Mexico and I came up with the title of the album" she spilled in an interview with KISSFM. "All of the songs that have come into my life are so fresh and so different and funky and cool and sensual."

The star's forthcoming album is fittingly called "Revival", and we honestly couldn't think of a better word to describe her recent transformation. "It just kind of happened that way," she explained "I can't wait for people to hear that."

Fans are absolutely buzzing on twitter over Selena's new album, and it hasn't even come out yet! The star's been busy releasing singles, doing promo, and filming videos. But fret not – she still has enough time to go out with famous friends like Ed Sheeran and Niall Horan!

As for us, we already have our iTunes cards out and ready to buy.

Writer: Loras Penn, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)