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Despite her young age, Zendaya has been incredibly outspoken about a number of issues over the year. This time, she's actually went out and launched her own campaign.

The star visited South Africa this summer, in a bid to learn more about HIV. The 19-year-old learned all about how the testing is done at a council day held by the HEAIDS First Things First program. It apparently touched the star so much that she launched a Crowdrise campaign to encourage donations. What's even more astounding is that Zandaya"'s doing this all in place of her 19th birthday.

"Instead of presents, I want to help three brothers who inspired me beyond words on my recent trip with UNAIDS to South Africa" Zandaya states on the campaign's page. "I'm asking you, my amazing fans, to help me. These three are supporting each other after losing both of their parents in a span of two years. They currently live in a temporary settlement, and with your support, I'm determined to move them into a safe home and hopefully help others just like them."

Not your typical teenager, eh? You can help Zendaya reach her goal here. You may even win a chance to video chat with Z herself.

Writer: Loras Penn, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)