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The Game has been going around the country handing out $1000 a day to people for 25 days. For what reason? No clue. But Do the math, it's 25K.

As he's off on a tour of 'making random people's days' his property was vandalized and his car windows were broken (according to @losangelesconfidential IG: Game's Instagram) by some random dude driving a white Audi.

The Game posted to his IG this afternoon and it looks like he's calling all his followers to find out who this dude is. And it's probably not gonna be too pretty for this guy. Cuz he's literally on camera, Perfectly.

First of all, what was this guy thinking? That the Game doesn't own security cameras?? His dumb ass face is all over the screen. I've seen grainier pictures on high definition…SMH. I guess what goes around comes around. We'll be praying for you buddy. Hope that window smashing was worth it for you…Dumb Dumb.

Video: Instagram

Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)