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Michael Jordan can pretty much sell anything with his likeness and brand. So why is he having such a hard time selling his beautiful mansion in North Chicago? The listing has been up for 3 years plus now for $29 Million, and with no buyers in sight they put it up for auction in November 2013 — No sale was made at the auction. So how the hell is MJ not selling the house he called home? The man could pretty much sell an ice cube to an eskimo if his logo was attached to it. Right?!

Here's the deal:

At the time of the auction in 2013, the houses in his area were going in the $1 Million range. Today, according to Maxim's Adam K. Raymond, MJ and his – Real Estate Agent Kofi Nartey – has dropped the initial asking price of $29 Million to $14.9 Million AND the buyer gets every pair of Air Jordan's signature shoe in his or her size.

The best part of all this? His real estate agent Kofi Nartey is beyond epic in all of the videos pumping up Jordan's pad, which has been uploaded to his own Youtube channel. Check it out here:

Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)