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A few months back Social Media star Essena O'Neill made a heartwarming video about quitting social media due to not wanting to be fake anymore. Essena's video went viral and had many outlets (including us) reporting her sudden 'realization' — some would call this an epiphany, Nina and Randa Nelson call it B.S.

In Essena's video, she claimed she cannot pay rent anymore and needed help from her followers to create a new website and to (I guess, pay rent)…What caught the attention of the two sisters/detectives was exactly how much did Essena received through PayPal donations and what she used it for. According to Nina and Randa, Essena did donate some of the money to foundations but only a small percentage. The two sister YouTubers want Essena to come clean and be transparent with what she is doing with the money.

Nina and Randa call bullshit on the viral video posted by O'Neill and even go as far as saying Essena is lying about her life to sell books. Calling Essena O'Neill a victimizer, Not the victim that she portrays.

Essena O'Neill is writing a book called "How to be social media famous"

Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)