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NBA Power Forward legend/4X Champion Horace Grant's family has done the improbable. Horace and his twin brother Harvey has had a long career in the NBA, but his two nephews has also made the NBA in a very unlikely scenario – having 4 close relatives make it into the hardest professional sports league in the world.

yes, we've all played high school ball but what are your chances of making it into the pros? High School Varsity players who have gone to play in college have about a 3 in 10,000 (0.03%) chance of being drafted to the NBA. That's around the chance of getting 4 of a kind in the first round of draw poker…twice. Now imagine it happening to 4 of your close relatives.

So kids, it's really not practice, practice, practice…it's called being genetically gifted. Just ask the Grants.

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