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Who better to ask that question than Mat Damon right? Right?!

Ok there's probably better people but we're working with limited celebs here...

Matt Damon who co-starred with Brad Pitt on all 80 (I might have exaggerated a few there) 'Ocean's Eleven' movies and even appeared in 'Happy Feet Two' with Mr. ... read more

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English filmmaker, Guy Ritchie known for his crime films just got married this Thursday, July 30th 2015 to Jacqui Ainsley, an English Model -- And he posted it on his IG for the world to see...for free!

Guy & Jacqui have been together since 2010 and they have three children together: Rocco Ritchie, age 14. (with former spouse Madonna)... read more

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Following in the footsteps of Ryan Gosling and the Humane Society of the United States, Brad Pitt has also joined the campaign of firing off angry letters to Costco over the treatment of the Chickens the family warehouse brand uses to produce their eggs.

Costco announced that they would make the move towards cage free hens in 2007, but the... read more