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Comedy Central has now decided to partake in this recent run of Blockbuster Trailers at Comic-Con and figured they should do a little revealing of their own this week.

The Network just released the official trailer for their first season of "Moonbeam City" created by Scott Gairdner. The trailer reveals Moonbeam City to b... read more

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Hey guys we finally found a way to becoming more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Anders Holm and Blake Anderson from Comedy Central's Workaholics just laced us down with some serious information -- How to enhance the male sexuality.

You see, women can wear high heels to make them look taller, wear makeup to make them look p... read more

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Man, does anyone spoof sports better than Key and Peele? We don't think so.

It may be the show's off-season, but what kind of NBA Playoffs would it be without the comedic genius of Keegan-michael Key and Jordan Peele? A shitty one, that's what.

In their newest sketch, Key and Peele play basketball commentators and highlight the hilari... read more