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Comedy Central has now decided to partake in this recent run of Blockbuster Trailers at Comic-Con and figured they should do a little revealing of their own this week.

The Network just released the official trailer for their first season of "Moonbeam City" created by Scott Gairdner. The trailer reveals Moonbeam City to be a bit of a dark and provocative look at a city reminiscent of Miami Vice with a Hint of Brad Pitt's "Cool World".. oh yeah and some Tron style competitive games. It's sort of a futuristic and neon drenched, yet retro take on the 80's TV Cop Era, with drug and sex talk like the it's the new millennium.

The show follows Dazzle Novak, voiced by Rob Lowe, who's somewhat of an incompetent detective that happens to be a bit of a lawbreaker like the criminals he's after. Elizabeth Banks lends her vocal talents to the High Maintenance Police Chief Pizzaz Miller while Will Forte breathes life into Red Cunningham, Dazzle's rival who would do anything to put an end to Dazzle's career on the force. The remaining main cast member is Chrysalis Tate, characterized by the voice of Kate Mara.

Check out the Premiere Episode of Moonbeam City Set to air on Comedy Central this Thursday September 16th, at 10:30p

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