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Flying sucks and I’ll probably never get use to it. Unless it’s a drunken flight to Las Vegas, I can’t help but think of what Christopher Reeve said in Superman.

“Statistically speaking, of course, it's still the safest way to travel.”

I wonder how The Man of Steel would feel after experiencing a flight on the wild side with SkyWest Flight 5316 that nearly did a belly flop at LAX today. The problem occurred when the left landing gear did not deploy causing the Bombardier CRJ200’s left wing to drag across the runway until it stopped. Fortunately all 40 passengers and crew members were safely taken off the plane once the ordeal was over, but it’s still amazing that nothing more serious came from this incident.

We’ve all been on frightening flight or two during our travels. I'm willing to bet there have been a few rides that had been so turbulent that it felt like the plane might be falling out of the sky. Can you imagine landing without one side of the landing gear not going down? I guess it still beats flying into someone’s jet wash