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If this video goes viral, Bob Arum might be in a lot of trouble.

Here's the Back story:

I got Bob on April 16th. 2 weeks before the 'Fight Of the Century' between Manny and Floyd. Bob Arum who promoted the fight in behalf of Manny Pacquiao tells me to go put all my money on PacMan because his little Filipino is going to knock him out (his words not mine).

So fast forward to Las Vegas fight night, May 2nd.

Chris (LMNOLA pap) and I put $100 each to win $280 with odds. My other buddy tells us we are insane for betting on Manny. So he drops $1000 on Floyd to win $1450 which would be a $450 profit.

I think we all know what happens next.


Chris sees Bob last night on May 15th and see what happens next…

Photo: Twitter