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In case you were wondering, Justin Bieber wants you to know that he's a Calvin Klein model. Like REALLY wants you to know.

Watch the video and you'll hear Bieber make the very important public service announcement that he is, in fact, a Calvin Klein model. It all happened the other night at The Nice Guy during an impromptu performance with fellow pretty boy singer, Cody Simpson. Bieber complained about how he was "sweating his ass off" in his sweater, and big surprise – the crowd went wild. Apparently you can't mention the words "sweat" and "ass" when you're Justin Bieber without driving the ladies wild. But being hot and having swamp ass and singing acoustic songs to mobs of screaming women? Like he knows any other way to live.

PS. Did you know that he's a Calvin Klein model?

  • Eva Jolopi

    “Like he knows any other way to live.” Fuck off LMNOLA. Stop trying to make out a story out of your grubby videographer being up JB’s ass all day. There’s nothing with wrong with jokey banter during a music show. I happen to know a few guys in JB’s crew. I’m going to make sure they don’t stop for your disgusting little film crew site or do your site any favours.

    Disrespectful pigs.

    • Samuel Ortiz

      You are just angry at the world!!! read everyone of your post and there negative! Lmnola isn’t bashing justin there praising him! You sound like a prejudicial biggot to me!

      • LMNO L.A.

        I like Samuel

        • Eva Jolopi


      • Eva Jolopi

        Less exclamation marks, more spelling lessons methinks. If you think this post praises Bieber, your powers of comprehension are very poor. Based on your comment, you’re still in school.

        Stay there.

        • Samuel Ortiz

          Another negative comment. The all mighty Eva, speaks! Shut your Clam hole. You little twirp. you would suck fart out of Justin’s butt hole if he let you.