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What do you do when a bunch of preschool boys tell a girl in their class that she can't be Spider-Man because she's a girl? Throw a parade of course.

Four-year-old Ellie Evangelista of New York City is a hardcore Spider-Man fan. But when she told a bunch of boys at school that, they insisted that she could never be her favorite superhero because duh, she's a girl. Seemingly simple kid logic turned out to be have a profound effect on Evangelista. She started coming home and telling her mom that she didn't want to be a girl anymore, and eventually spilled the beans about this story to her mother. Mom took matters into her own hands and tried introducing little Ellie to Spider-Woman but her love of Spider-Man was unwavering. And we applaud her. The kid's got conviction, even at such a young age.

The story took a major turn when the neighbors heard what was going on and decided to organize a the first Uptown Superheroes March this coming Sunday to drive the point home: Girls can be superheroes too. The flyer encourages everyone to dress up as their favorite superhero and make signs. It should be quite the spectacle. We hope someone posts lots of pictures because one day, Ellie's going to grow up and be these boys' dream girl.