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It's not the first time we've had trouble understanding Dog the Bounty Hunter. But for a guy who has said some really questionable shit in the public eye, even this took a little work to understand.

Our camera guy recently caught up with Dog and had a chance to ask him for his thoughts on Bruce Jenner's transition to Caitlyn Jenner. And his response was awkward, jumbled, and confusing – the kind that makes you want to slap your palm against your forehead while you try to figure out what the hell he really means. It's just so hard to hear his message when his foot is wedged so far in his mouth most of the time.

Dog and his wife Beth have a reality show called Dog and Beth: On the Hunt that airs on CMT. Known as much for his very publicized conservative views (and that one time he was caught using the n-word) as he is for that "WTF?" mullet, Dog recently caused quite a stir on Fox News for endorsing Hillary Clinton's presidential run. But before Republicans get their panties too far in a twist, this video should put them at ease.

Watch the video and see which side he's on because to us its not so clear.