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Toy Story is serious business, you guys. It was the OG computer animated film, and what jumpstarted cartoons that could be loved by kids and grownups alike. It's even enough to spark a heated debate – like the one we had here at the LMNO L.A. office today – about which Toy Story movie was the best out of all three. While our discussion was inconclusive, we were still stoked to find this amazing list of 7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know about Toy Story by Cinefix.

With Inside Out hitting theaters this Friday, the timing couldn't be better to revisit a Pixar classic like Toy Story. Most of the facts were completely new to us, which is pretty interesting, especially when you consider that the movie is 20 years old. Check it out and see if you can help us settle the issue: Which Toy Story movie did you love most?