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The entire world has welcomed Caitlyn Jenner with open arms and been entranced to see the transformation from Bruce to the Truth.. that Caitlyn has been here all along and is now here to stay. So Caitlyn decided to just dismiss all the madness and enjoy a fun night out at The Abbey in West Hollywood.

So on Saturday night, July 18th, Caitlyn stopped by the world famous establishment, known globally as a safe haven and place that welcomes those in the LGBT Community to feel comfortable in being themselves. And Caitlyn has become the embodiment of following yourself.

As Caitlyn was enjoying the Club, it appeared she was being filmed for what will likely be her upcoming Reality Show that has been the most highly anticipated series since her interview with Diane Sawyer while still as Bruce.

There was high security around Caitlyn for this, and for good reason. Caitlyn has catapulted into the upper stratospheres of our society's consciousness, and has now become one of the most revered figures in LGBT history. Who wouldn't want to bombard one of their greatest revolutionaries. Ultimately a good time needed to be had, and she let everyone know she had a great time as she left.

But while Caitlyn was having a blast, it was still Business as Usual.

I'm sure we'll get the whole story when we watch it on her upcoming show.

On a final note: It's good to see Caitlyn living out her dreams… and that dream was living life on her own terms

Video/Writer: Sid West, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram), (Website)