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Despite all the drama and Caitlyn talking about her, Kris Jenner has stayed relatively quiet throughout Caitlyn's public ~transformation. Many were confused if it was in distaste for the situation, out of respect, or just out of a simple privacy request. Well, worry no more! While most of these questions aren't exactly answered, Kris has finally opened up. Er"?a bit, anyway.

"I just want everyone that I love in my family and in my life to be happy, and so my wish for Caitlyn is that she finds her joy" she assured in a Haute Living article.

Good to know. We're glad that despite the rough patch Caitlyn talked about in her Vanity Fair article, the two have worked out their differences and can hopefully become closer than ever.

Seems like they're well on their way. If the article wasn't enough to go by, Kim posted this snap on twitter of the two together.

Future BFFs? Despite Caitlyn stating she's still interested in women, we don't see her and Kris getting back together anytime soon. Especially with their youngest daughter together leaving the nest.

That said, look forward to a bright power-friendship! We're glad it's all been sorted.

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Writer: Loras Penn, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)