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Tyga and Kylie made headlines as the 24-year old rapper bought her a Ferrari for her 18th birthday. Though certainly the most expensive, it wasn't the only gift the reality star received. The party itself racked up quite the bill, with even each of the multiple cakes costing over 60$. As if one big-name performer wasn't enough, Kylie had two at her birthday bash: Fetty Wap and Post Malone.

The extravagance didn't stop there. Post-party outings found Tyga and Kylie jetting off to Mexico by private plane. We haven't even mentioned the PRE-party dinner, where mother Kris presented a 15,000 Birkin bag to Kylie.

Including all the gifts she recieved from her celeb friends in attendance – we reckon Kylie's overall gift total hit well over the 1 million mark. Cue everyone trying to get on the list for next year.

Writer: Loras Penn, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)