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Clearly Kylie Jenner and Tyga didn't get the memo about Industry taboos, cause Tyga just released the video for his new song "Stimulated" off his "F*k Wat They Talkin Bout" Mixtape, and it's full of PDA from Tyga and the newly legal Kylie. And the song is filled with suggestive sexual content that pretty much pissed off the entire Internet until Kylie turned 18. Here's an example of some lyrical gems in the song:

I"'m stimulated

I"'m at the bank, I"'m penetrating

I"'m putting in, I"'m penetrating

I"'m getting big, I"'m stimulated

I touched the bi**h, she disintegrated

They say she young, I should"'ve waited

She a big girl, dog when she stimulated

And even thought Tyga and Kylie seemed to completely ignore buddy Chris Brown and Karrueche's "Autumn Leaves" debacle, they did steal one from Taylor Swift's playbooks, and released this video during the MTV Video Music Awards, where Kylie and Tyga walked the Red Carpet separately, a rumored strategy from Momager Kris Jenner. Yeah, apparently, they wanted to keep people guessing (as if we didn't know by now) until they saw the music video, which captures Tyga and Kylie's first public kiss.

Aaaahhh… romance in a Social Media World. My how things have changed. I will tell you this though. With such controversy over their relationship, and with such sexually provocative lyrics which implies some racy action for a teenager, perhaps Tyga should've chosen a song that didn't sample Robert Miles' song "Children" .. .Yeah, I would've picked a song with a different title.

But that's just me

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