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It's not all stilettos and red carpets for Kylie Jenner. The 17-year-old went out for some old-school fun on Saturday night and hit Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale for a friend's birthday party.

Of course she was still dressed to impress, even for a mellow night out. Jenner rocked' her new pair of Carbon 3 Franky Morales 3 skates by USD Skates. She even gave Franky a shoutout on Instagram:

Possibly the best endorsement ever for him considering that her pic garnered 1.1 million likes. Pretty sure those bad boys are gonna fly off the shelves now, even with a price tag of $429.

Does anyone else suddenly want to go rollerskating like we do? That's the power of the Jenner pull.

Photo: Instagram

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