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Ever sit back and wonder "What happened to JoJo?" Well, you don't have to any longer! The long-lost singer is coming out with not one but THREE new singles for all her"?fans?

"The High Road", which was JoJo's last album release, came out nearly eight years ago. Naturally, the buzz around her has died down a lot since. Why has she decided to come back from the grave all of a sudden? We really couldn't tell you.

JoJo's sudden decision has taken much of the world by surprise, including us. She revealed the comeback to her thousands of instagram followers, posting a definition of the word "Tringle" – the simultaneous release of three singles.

Even more surprisingly, she was met with a ton of encouraging words and excitement, despite having virtually given fans nothing to hold on to for the past decade.

An album is on the verge of completion as well, with JoJo already planning listening parties and promotion surrounding it.

Conclusion: If you've spent years on the edge of your seat, the wait is over! Pull out your iTunes gift cards and channel your inner fourteen year old, because JoJo's three singles will be available for purchase on Aug. 21st.

Writer: Loras Penn, @lmnotweets (Twitter), lmnogram (Instagram)