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If you're going to a super swanky Billionaire Sumner Redstone party in Bel Air.

You don't carry flea-notes: pretty much anything under Big Daddy Benjamin's.

Seriously. It's written on the invitation card:

Shhhh! Don't Tell!

It's Sumner's Big Day!

We're celebrating his 92nd

In a Extraordinary way!

Cake, Balloons, Streamers and More

Come Yell, "Surprise!"

When He walks through the door

Wednesday, May 28th

Vibrato Restaurant in Bel Air

Also guys: No 1's, 5's, 10's, and 20 dollar bills allowed to enter through the doors

See. I told you. It's not Les' fault. It was written on the card! So don't blame him for not tipping the valet. You wouldn't want to break up your Hundreds either.

  • Abnor Norman Albert

    Hand some hundos this way!

    • LMNO L.A.


  • Nat

    Cheap bastard!!!

  • ILuvDubya

    The guy makes 65 million a year and he can’t give the guy a hundred bucks????

    • GWB1

      He’s a democrat. Charity begins in DC is what they have been taught.

      • X30X

        WHEN it’s only money, it’s only money; His Money.

    • GladstoneTheKungFuJew

      He’s a Democrat.

  • cablejunkie

    what about his wife,whats her excuse?

    • GladstoneTheKungFuJew

      Was that his wife???? I thought it was his carry-on dog.

  • John Smith

    Charlie Sheen would’ve given the valet guy $100.

    • Todd Gerritzen

      Charlie woulda let him do a couple lines off his dates tits. AND handed him a hundo.

      • WTFAgent

        A rolled up hundo I suspect.

    • GladstoneTheKungFuJew

      Sheen would have given him a C-note, then ask him if that’s enough.

  • Abnor Norman Albert

    His wood grain yacht is in los alamitos bay.

  • Ace Duncan

    Let me hear from you people next time you valet park and have nothing smaller than a 20.

    But there is no way Les can make that look anything but bad. “Next time…” What are the chances?

    • kalel

      No problem – I go to the bard and get a 10, a 5, and 1’s. Then tip accordingly depending on service and where I am. Problem solved, mate – just not that hard. And once I make a cool million a year – a pittance compared to Les, i won’t have an issue tipping $20 when I just had a free meal and drinks worth thousands of dollars at a birthday party.

    • gthomson13

      He could leave a C note and it would be the same as most of us leaving $5. Next time you hear lefties talking about big bad corporate guys, remember good ole Lefty Les stiffing the valet.

      • Derwood

        I think your math is a little off. Tipping $100 for a Billionaire would be like $5 to someone with $50,000,000 net worth or $0.05 to someone with $500,000 net worth. I’m willing to bet “most people” are leaning closer to tipping 5 cents (or less) than tipping $5.

        • gthomson13

          Okay, should have said “figuratively”. I didn’t stop to do the math but my point remains – the jerk could have left $100 for the attendant and never missed it.

          • Derwood

            Yeah, you aren’t wrong, he is a cheap jerk. I just figured it was worth pointing out that he is a cheaper jerk than you give him credit for. 😉

            I did find out after I posted that that he isn’t as rich as I was lead to believe (he’s only worth $300,000,000.). So he is less of a cheap jerk than my original math shows. lol

          • X30X

            DON’T KID YOURSELF, Sumner Redstone looks upon this jerk as one of “hired help”.

  • bob young

    Moonves is a very small man in so many ways.

  • Orville J. Clutchpopper

    Hmm… And yet we’re told that it’s “conservatives” who are the “cheap, greedy” ones. Progressive libs supposedly feel all sorry for the little working stiff. They “care” more than anyone else.

    Yep. It shows…

    • Barry Love

      Yep, He’s a lifelong Democrat. If those were mine or your c-notes, ole Les would be handing them out like candy.

      • Orville J. Clutchpopper

        I know, right?…

  • kalel

    Hmmm…I bet he’s got a great net worth than Romney. What do you think Romney would have done in that situation? Character means something, people.

  • Ina Mitchell

    He is unfit to be a CEO because he doesn’t plan ahead. Was it a big surprise that he would have to park his car and tip a valet?

    • sezsue

      Oh, no doubt he planned ahead…..”now, this is what we do when we leave, guys…follow my lead, we all only have $100.00s, catch ya next time…suckers.” Har-har-har wink, wink

    • GladstoneTheKungFuJew

      Exactly. Ask for change. Give him the $100, and ask him to give back change next time they see each other. In other words, lose the c-note.

  • thirdarmy

    No class. And he’s not going to make it up to the valet “next time.” I am surprised he even TOUCHED the valet.

    • sezsue

      Probably figured his touch alone is worth more than $100, so it’s all good…

  • Blackhawk

    But he told the valet, when you die you will receive total consciousness.

    so he’s got that going for him.

    Which is nice.

  • Tom Kerr

    He is so progressive he knows money is unnecessary for the serfs. They get welfare and food stamps. What would they need money for.

  • Leo60

    Progressive Liberals. What an Oxymoron.

  • Bladerunner64

    If this guy is a Billionaire, what’s $100.00? That’s like you and I having a fit over handing a guy a penny. Cheap Bastard!

  • LMNO L.A.

    we got him last night again! muaahahahaha!! ..guess where? yup the valet.
    can you guys guess how much he left this time?

  • Evans A Evans

    Cheap prick.

  • sezsue

    Shoulda given the valet about 5 “hundos”! Wouldn’t that be about like a nickel to a billionaire?

  • GladstoneTheKungFuJew

    Let’s all tune into CBS and put more money into Les Moonves’ pocket! Come on America… Les needs us.

  • democrat CockRoach

    WOW, such a BIG SHOT.

  • gduckd

    The valet has waaaay more class then this moron. The valet should have said,” That’s ok Mr. Moonves, just give me the hundred and I will deduct the $.25 cents you usually tip me every time I bring You your car.”

  • gduckd

    Hey Les here’s an old lesson to follow—–never screw over your nurse, your chef, or your valet. Get the drift. Something may attract your attention after a few days of eating there again. (WOW what’s that smell?)