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If you're going to a super swanky Billionaire Sumner Redstone party in Bel Air.

You don't carry flea-notes: pretty much anything under Big Daddy Benjamin's.

Seriously. It's written on the invitation card:

Shhhh! Don't Tell!

It's Sumner's Big Day!

We're celebrating his 92nd

In a Extraordinary way!

Cake, Balloons, Streamers and More

Come Yell, "Surprise!"

When He walks through the door

Wednesday, May 28th

Vibrato Restaurant in Bel Air

Also guys: No 1's, 5's, 10's, and 20 dollar bills allowed to enter through the doors

See. I told you. It's not Les' fault. It was written on the card! So don't blame him for not tipping the valet. You wouldn't want to break up your Hundreds either.